That Old Time Religion

from by St. Lenox



103. That Old Time Religion

1. The angel spoke, of John the Baptist
just this morning, yeah I see
Gabriel in lights and other fine
visions in the air.
Like the prophet said,need a little
Less conversation in my life.
A little more action satisfaction, yeah
a little more matter of fact

Gimme some of that Old time religion,
old religion's, good enough for me.
Need some of your sweet and mystic vision,
need some of your inspiration

Gimme some of that Old time religion,
old religion's, good enough for me.
Need some of your ancient mystic wisdom
Need some of your mystery

2. And i got a good friend, says he's
gonna blow up the state of new jersey,
cause he sees crimson luminous visions,
and he hears voices from the rafters.

Like the prophet said,
you gotta be bad, and you gotta be
cool you gotta be bold, you 
gotta be wise, and you gotta be tough
till the kingdom come,

Break - Chorus

and i gotta good friend, got a broad with  
demons hot on her heels and she sings
spirits come to the end of days,
and the devils in all the details.

Like the prophet said, need a little bit of
sex and drugs, and rock and roll and
celebrate and praise like it's the year
nineteen ninety nine...



from "That Old Time Religion" Maxi​-​Single, released February 27, 2014
Songwriter: Andrew Choi
Singer: Andrew Choi
Instrumental: Fritz Chrysler
Guitar: Chris Hills
Android Guitar: Chris Hills, Andrew Choi
Mastering: Jon Chinn



all rights reserved


st. lenox New York, New York

St. Lenox's debut, "Ten Songs About Memory and Hope" has received critical acclaim, with NPR noting Choi's "gigantic voice" and observing "He belts out his regrets with uncanny melisma, like john Darnielle channeling Tony Clifton."

The album was placed on a number of End-of-Year lists. Of note, the Editor-in-Chief of Noisey named the song "Bitter Pill" one of the ten best songs of the year.
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