54. Just friends

You never could be on time and
I never was much of a lover and
I never could stand to lose an
argument at a party.
I never could let you win and
I never could let things go and
You never could suffer it when I
didn't meet you half-way.

So go it alone,
Suffer on, just a little bit longer,
need a little more time to work it out.
So go on ahead.
Suffer on, just a little bit longer,
need a little more time to let it go.

You never were stern enough, and
I always was much too uptight.
You never could understand why I
never stopped to smell the roses
I never could hold my tongue and
You never could hold your liquor and
We never could seem to work the
details out together.


SOLO. (Repeat last chorus)

I never could stay in ohio and
you never could leave your job and
we never could cut the distance
out of our relationship.
You never could express yourself, and
I never would hear you out
and we never would see things eye to eye
on issues of importance.



from "That Old Time Religion" Maxi​-​Single, released February 27, 2014
Songwriter: Andrew Choi
Singer: Andrew Choi
Instrumental: Fritz Chrysler
Mastering: Brian Speaker



all rights reserved


st. lenox New York, New York

St. Lenox's debut, "Ten Songs About Memory and Hope" has received critical acclaim, with NPR noting Choi's "gigantic voice" and observing "He belts out his regrets with uncanny melisma, like john Darnielle channeling Tony Clifton."

The album was placed on a number of End-of-Year lists. Of note, the Editor-in-Chief of Noisey named the song "Bitter Pill" one of the ten best songs of the year.
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